Due to the pandemic of the new corona virus, the 10th European competition for young gardeners is postponed. The competition will be held next year from 24th August, 2021 – 28th August, 2021.

Thank you for understanding.



For many years, as a school, we have been involved in various international projects in the field of horticulture and landscaping, e.g. Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus +. We cooperate with various schools with similar education programmes across Europe. Since 2008, we have been participating in international vocational competitions for young gardeners in Europe, which are held every second year at one of the partner’s schools. In 2020, we are honoured to be the organizers of the 10th competition!

The competition will be held from 25th August 2020 to 29th August 2020 at School for horticulture and visual arts Celje. We expect 22 teams from all over Europe. Each competing team has 3 members aged between 15 and 25, with an accompanying mentor.

Competitors will come from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, etc and 2 teams from our country; one of them will represent our school as the host of the competition, and the other team will be selected in cooperation with the Chamber of Craft and small Business of Slovenia on the basis of the annual state’s competition at the professional fair Flora 2020.

The competition will include the opening ceremony, two competition days where the teams will compete in knowledge and skills of horticulture, as well as in the knowledge of the host country and the wider homeland – Europe. The floristic part of the competition will be held in cooperation with Mozirski Gaj, where the products will also be exhibited. The participants will explore the cultural and natural sights of Slovenia on the last day and end it with the announcement of the results.

More information about competition and the history of the competition can be found at the following link:

The organizers of the competition: Romana Špes and Lidija Oblak


EU-Horticulture-Teacher asbl

    1. Modern care of green areas
    2. Plant knowledge is the most important part of horticultural professions
    3. How to plant properly to prolong the lives of plants
    4. Identifying plants with their botanical names.
    5. Recognizing plants with all the senses.
    6. Identifying harmful and beneficial insects, and supporting beneficial organisms
    7. There are many reasons for plant diseases.
    8. Colours enrich our lives.
    9. The evolution of new plants.
    10. We have to be fit for work.
    11. When we travel around Europe, we can do a lot of sightseeing